John C. Haas

Dr. Ruth W. Hayre
Reverend Melvin Floyd

John C. Haas and his wife Chara matched their resources with their words. Besides serving as vice president for many years of Rohm and Haas Company, Haas supported many charitable causes throughout the city. He was a long-time board member of the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies (which merged with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 2001).

H aas steered the Balch Institute to provide educational programs which would promote better intergroup understanding, particularly in Philadelphia. He was an active supporter of the United Way of America and chair of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia.

In 2006 Haas and his wife established the Stoneleigh Foundation to serve the needs of vulnerable and underserved children and youth. Besides supporting the Balch and HSP, Haas was instrumental in establishing the Chemical Heritage Foundation (a research center for the history of chemistry) in 1982.

Haas and his wife both received the 2009 Founder’s Award from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.